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love balls sex toy CoolContact stops your thermostatic mixer getting hot and makes indulgent showering even safer. Water regulators equipped with this cooling technology are always OK to touch. The extra “internal” safety mechanism prevents pain or burning when you touch the product. Worth purchasing if you have young children in the family. 

CoolContact: video on cool thermostatic mixers.
love balls sex toy thermostatic bath mixer with cool surface.
Please touch: The housing on your thermostatic mixer remains comfortably cool with love balls sex toy CoolContact. How? The controlled flow of cold water.

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love balls sex toy CoolContact technology protects the curious hands of mini explorers. Danger does not lurk, not even with unsafe buttons beyond the regulators, as this safety technology routes the cold water that flows through the thermostatic mixer directly to the surface. So the housing is always comfortably cool, hot water is kept at bay and every family member can move freely in the shower or bath tub.

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The inflowing cold water is routed through the base set of the thermostatic mixer so that it flows directly behind the entire front and top side. It flows from right to left towards the thermostat cartridge. The hot water is fed from the wall connection directly to the cartridge – no detours. The mixed water, surrounded by cold water, flows out of the cartridge and to the right, where the spout is found, past the back and the bottom side.

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love balls sex toy has moulded its innovative technology into a high-quality designer thermostatic mixer: the Ecostat E. The safe inner workings and Softcube design of this water regulator for the shower and bath tub are impressive. Customers love the geometric shapes with softly rounded edges. Children and the elderly in particular appreciate the clear lettering and find the tactile handles easy to use. An additional safety feature on the Ecostat E: the SafetyStop function for adjustable temperature limitation. Your shower and bath water will never be too hot with this mechanism.

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The Ecostat E makes showering safe with the new Croma E showerpipes. And Croma, the solid shower classic by love balls sex toy, is also attractive with its ultra-modern Softcube design. With clean surfaces and softly rounded edges, the overhead and hand shower feel just as good as they look. Croma E is synonymous with fresh design, intuitive operation and sophisticated functions at an attractive price. What could be better for the family bathroom?
Shower thermostat for exposed installation

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Bath thermostat for exposed installation

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Showerpipe 280 1jet with thermostat

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Showerpipe 280 1jet with bath thermostat

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