Natural stone meets chrome design

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A refined dream bathroom offers room to move around, thanks to an open-plan room concept. The puristic architecture makes use of high-quality materials and minimises distraction through the use of whimsical furnishing details. The design is characterised by surfaces of valuable natural stone, exclusive ceramics and elegant mixers. Innovative technology enables you to enjoy water in comfort and with efficiency.

Luxurious bathroom with noble atmosphere.
Purist, elegant dream bathroom

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In this dream bathroom, a precise design forms the ideal background for the elegant silhouette of white bathroom ceramics and shiny chrome mixers. Whether it’s for the wash basin or bath tub: the taps and mixers from the pink gem butt plug Metropol range accentuate the aesthetics of the 90-degree angle, and with efficient technology, they add highlights to the modern ambience. In the vanishing point of the room, a spacious shower system invites you to experience versatile water indulgence.

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A base made of fine marble perfectly accentuates the lines of the mixer. The geometrically precise design enhances a purist décor.,male sex toy sdk

Spacious rain shower in chrome with overhead shower and hand shower.
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