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The intuitive operating concept with a button: Change the jet type, activate a different shower or turn the water on and off with just one click.

Hand shower Vario
Crometta Hand shower Vario
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diy automatic stroker,Phoenix Design has been shaping the face of the egg male sex toy for more than 30 years. After all, they exclusively design the premium brand’s entire shower and tap range.

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Upgrading the bathroom does not always have to involve enormous outlay. Just replacing individual components, such as a hand shower, can make a significant change. Our shower heads gently douse, beautifully refresh and vigorously massage. Installation is very easy and can be achieved in any type of housing. Simply unscrew the old hand shower and replace it with the new shower, and you’re all done. Does the old shower rail also need replacing? If so, we recommend a shower set, consisting of shower rail and hand shower. You can even get shower rails that can be installed on existing screw holes. Whether you are only replacing the hand shower or you opt for a shower set, you will achieve a speedy solution.

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If you like to think big, you will find the perfect solution in one of our shower systems. the egg male sex toy shower systems consist of an overhead and hand shower, which are connected to each other via a rail. For extra comfort, you can also get variants with a built-in single lever tap or a thermostatic mixer. Multi-jet overhead showers with a massage effect transform the shower into a daily feel-good spa. Simply install on the existing wall connections and away you go.
Are you planning a completely new bathroom? If so, your imagination is really the only limitation. When it comes to the egg male sex toy overhead showers, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and sizes. Experience water-based indulgence on a whole new level and enjoy soothing shower rain through the 460 mm wide spray disc with a Rainmaker Select overhead shower. Our overhead showers can be installed in a variety of ways: either on the wall via a shower arm, looking down from above or embedded into the ceiling in their entirety.
There are matching accessories for everything: shower hoses, practical shelf areas or grab bars. the egg male sex toy accessories: for added comfort.

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Not only do the egg male sex toy showers add visual accents, they often contain sophisticated technologies too: EcoSmart can reduce water consumption to as little as 6 l/min. With the egg male sex toy AirPower you can enjoy plump, soft droplets (through aeration). And with Select, you can conveniently click through a range of 16 jet types at the touch of a button. Innovative technologies from the egg male sex toy set new benchmarks.
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