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IBod - The New IPod Sex Toy That Vibrates To Your Music

The vibrator sex toy connects to your iPod and uses your music to create vibrations. “Many of the vibrators that are on the market today are intimidating for an unseasoned user,” says Suki, OhMiBod ‘s creator.

IPod Sex Toy -- No Really | WIRED

IPod Sex Toy -- No Really Love Labs, a UK sex-toy manufacturer, has devloped an iPod vibrator that buzzes in time to the music. The 2-inch, $30 iBuzz plugs into the iPod’s headphone jack and ...

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iBuzz Two is the next-generation music-activated iPod sex toy for couples. Use the vibrator with your iPod or any music player.

OhMiBod - Innovative Sex-Tech

- The Most Innovative Sex Toys Of The Decade "The OhMiBod Esca2 is a wearable vibrator that offers app-controlled play—so your partner can control your experience from across the room, or from across the world."

8 Best Sex Toys For Women: Vibrators, Stimulators For Extreme ...

Top 8 Sex Toys For Women To Make Sex More Enjoyable: ... Suki was gifted an iPod and a vibrator by her husband and wanted to figure out how to integrate the two. OhMiBod was born, resulting in the ...

iGasm - BuzzFeed News

iGasm. Apple threatens legal action over the oh-so-familiar advertising campaign for a plug-in iPod sex toy. So far, the iGasm's maker hasn't complied with a request to stop using the image. As it turns out, the iGasm is just one of several different iPod adult toys -- and not even the first to use the silhouette motif.

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Kickstarter's first sex toy has arrived. The Fin is just Dame Products' latest crowdfunded vibrator, but this is a new category for Kickstarter. By R. Lawler, 11.03.2016. Twitter.

D.I.Y Sex Toys: Self-Love Edition | Scarleteen

We commonly have users asking about ways to acquire sex toys for masturbation. For many young people, finding a vibrator or other sex toy can be difficult, as not everywhere has a sex toy store near them (many cities have zoning laws that either forbid places that sell sex toys entirely or keep them on the outskirts of town). And, even if there ...